Ulster’s “Deep State”

Phoney Tony and the EU set in operation a set of events that has led to a deep surveillance State being established in Northern Ireland.

Israel’s IBM and the info dredgers at the US’s Homeland Security are involved.


They have been able to remove a number of Protestant pages in the past few months on Facebook. Leading to calls for an alternative.


Feminism and anti-prod ideology is in with practical training.

Protestants are not represented in this new “Deep state” and should be extremely worried. So too should ordinary Catholics who like their normal life and don’t subscribe to communism or the excesses 24hr surveillance. This deep state is not for Catholics, it is for the EU.

Hillary Clinton’s Communist Chinese offer tuition to the student’s.



Ireland struggling with migrant harasment

Ireland is creaking under the strain of EU immigration, the Government has had to abandon the model of Town hall scroll and medal ceremonies in favour of using concert venues to swear in it’s mostly African “Paper Irish”

Video below:

There are a steady flow of these mass inductions throughout the year to meet EU budget guidelines. The Irish state is now a beggar state and it’s population the poor broken leg under the blanket.


As with all the countries beset with this Globalist plot harassment and the rape of citizens is now at feverpitch. So much so that in Ireland if you ask for Angela someone will call the Guards for you and escort your date off the premise for your escape.


Quite ironically this is the same name as the woman who is foremost in promoting diversity and in slamming the pessimists as “sad little men who can’t pull a girl.”