Leaving your bike in the British streets no longer possible

A left leaning youtuber called “funforlouis” has called scooter and motorcycle owners “crazy” for leaving their bikes in a special motorcycle parking area in the London streets. He points to a group of black youths and laughs that owners are nutters for being so stupid as he films vehicles that have been vandalized. Some of the motorcycles had their pannier boxes plundered.

Funforlouis doesn’t notify the police or even try to prevent further damage himself. This is a good little look into the “liberal” mindset.


The video. Later in the video youths armed with umbrellas fight one and other. A white teen girl also gets hit with a vodka bottle thrown by one of Le Jeunes.


IKRAM UKE the Muslim Brotherhood linked org behind BIC launches “think tank” and “journalism club”

IKRAM UK and Eire has launched a new website and announced it’s “think tank” and “journalism club” so we can expect a probable tie in and alliance with the shinners/Alliance Party etc.


The domain address suggests that RARELABS a company in New York has been hired for the build and it looks like the website is under construction.




We will look more into this when we have time but please guys do the research and get aware of what is coming and how we can stop it harming our reputation or ultimately our people.



Rockefeller front building new Ulster University Campus

A Rockefeller front/associate called ARUP is developing the new Ulster University Campus in Belfast City Centre. Sorry for the lateness of this info but no one is talking about it. It has been blacked out of the Common Purpose mainstream media. There have been a few vague articles about caveats of this coup but nothing putting things in perspective.

Below ARUP in action.

Below the tender agreement for £1,000,000. This is bascically the “Resilient cities” kickback. A full refund of the £1,000,000 prize money. So free influence basically.




For those in the ANTIFA this might probably mean that Ulster Uni will compete against Queen’s with regard to Pro-Zionism.

All this comes with a Rockefeller appointed and Common Purpose trained resilience Tzar.



Oxford textbook admits world government (NWO)

An Oxford textbook designed for students that would be going on to work for organisations like the EU or UN illustrates the “global governance complex” for it’s students.

The book is called the Globalisation of world politics, it can be bought fairly cheaply now as it is Pre-Trump (4th edition) and Brexit, so it essentially comes from before the globalist takedown of “our democracy” had any resistance working against it.

The newer books apparently offer more advice on countering populism. I want to get one of the newer books but they are deliberately making them expensive.

It’s just a case at the moment of me having to work off material these guys are not using anymore lol.


Below: the New World Order structure according to the textbook.


So we are being asked by the like of the BBC to pretend there is no Global Government and that huge mega banks are not involved in hacking our democratic system, whilst at the same time people from the Established system, Oxford Publishing in this case are saying yeah we are hacking the system but its necessary because…. Terrorism…Poverty.

Mostly stuff the elite create. Problem – Reaction – Solution.

They are even saying here that private military companies are part of the World Government. Why? How can we fight “terror” with private military companies, surely it’s in their interest to keep it going.

foto_no_exif (1)

Organisations like Medecins Sans Frontieres (medicine without frontiers) ship in the migrants for the Globalists.





The Gay Agenda, Paedophile Agenda overlap

Paedophiles are highly motivated people, swirling in that mind is a toxic mix of mental disorders that lead to abuse. There is no doubt the Gay Agenda is not monolithic, some Gay Agendas are different from others but with intersectionality at play we are seeing pressure on some LGBT activists to accept elements of the Paedophile Agenda.

Further to that the extreme power being handed to social services that are laden with people who were drawn to sociology degrees as part of their attempt to further their personal agenda who have been known in the past to abuse their position, this has been highlighted recently with the scandal in Norway where one of the most progressive “child experts” turned out to have many many thousands of pictures of child abuse.

Now if you remember back to this article from 2014 it was that stable of academics pushing the idea that paedophilia is normal for males.


It turned out recently that unsurprisingly these guys turned out to be paedophiles themselves active in the Paedophile underworld and procuring kids from families using the country’s social services.

Now this is not a Norwegian problem this has been exposed in other countries too, the UK, Portugal, the Netherlands and Slovakia have had similar scandals, all with the same hall marks, the same connections to left wing academia, Common Purpose or similar organisations that organise social workers etc.


The Fuel Project goes into this issue in the video below.

Refugees complain to UN about Ulster housing

This is kind of an odd one but refugees and asylum seekers have the right, where locals do not to a home of their own that is maintained to a good standard. One of the plethora of the New Nationalist lefty organisations “Participation and practice of human rights” has received complaint from 6 Syrian families who believe their housing is not to standard.


You can see where they have been splashing around in the tub and not opened the window.

PPR are pissed off and they have already sent someone to the UN office to complain.


I was thinking why does this PPR not just buy a tin of paint and a spanner, bet that would solve a lot of the problems rather than paying a team of people to greet and moan to the UN.

Years ago in Belfast if you had come into the office complaining about damp in your bathroom they would have laughed you out the door.

This is the PPR on a protest. Weird….. Mask is very sinister.




Jolene Vs Britain First/SO15 #Prevent

Jolene Bunting, an independent Councillor in West Belfast Northern Ireland who stands on a Traditionalism ticket has been secretly recorded by Paul Golding from English protest group Britain First apparently trying to cover up for a rando Britain First “security officer” who had allegedly stolen £1,000 from “Jayda’s credit card” while she was in prison.

The background of this is that Britain First is an offshoot of the BNP, started by Jim Dowson the “flag protester”, it has become famous in recent years for highlighting the problems of mass immigration and for having a huge amount of online followers. Dowson advised the group rightly or wrongly to use super aggressive confrontation tactics and professional style fund raising.

That tactic was super effective online, but offline it created a lot of problems with Muslim citizens having their rights technically contravened because of on street confrontations. This eventually ended with the jailing of both Paul and Jayda after they had raised concern when Police tried to avoid prosecuting a Muslim gang after 4 man on one 15 year old girl gang rape in a flat over a Pizza shop.


At this stage we heard that officers from SO15 had confronted Paul and Jayda and inducted them into the compulsory #Prevent anti terror program.


Info from the Daily Star if you don’t believe us.



Both Paul and Jayda are now subjects of the #Prevent program and under that legislation you have to essentially admit, without any evidence that you are a terrorist who wants to kill people for no reason and sign a declaration to that effect. Not only that but you have to go along with any action that so15 (the anti-terror police) feel might prevent terror. In this case for Paul it is recording Jolene and getting her deselected for Belfast Council in 2019. Refusing to join the #Prevent program means life in prison.

For the sake of our Irish readership we must consider the impact to Freedom of #Prevent, specially if it can be used to taint politics in Northern Ireland. If Loyalists or Protestants can be threatened by the Government to act on behalf of the state, in opposition to their normal beliefs/culture that will eventually be dangerous for Republicans.

It is super clear that Paul Golding would not have done this unless under duress, SO15 have had him running the “train line” to break him down for weeks. Early wake up, late to bed, random calls, random accusations, court appearances etc.

Listen to his voice in this when he speaks to SO15, he is like a wee lamb.

So, scary times y’all