Wikipedia says that being a Loyalist means that you are violent

Wikipedia now says that being a working class Loyalist in Northern Ireland means that you use or “tacitly support violence.”

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I have no doubt this definition was written by Republican propagandist but this begs the question how many other ridiculous claims are there on Wikipedia that people are claiming as fact.

A Loyalist by definition is someone who is loyal to the Monarch. It begins and ends there. The term does not denote the employment of any kind of violence or for that matter any kind of Political tool nor does it give a clue to your financial means or social status.

The shocking wiki entry.

There is a lot to be learnt from this Wikipedia entry as it lists everything our enemies would like to think Ulster Loyalism is. They say it is a branch of British Nationalism. That it is an ethnic identity, that it is violent. The article also lists the TUV hinting at them being violently extreme and linked to terror.

The reality of Ulster Loyalism is that it has been around since the 16th century, not as the wiki states the 19th century. It is not an ethnic thing and has people from all sorts of backgrounds including mixed race people, half Chinese people, Jews and so forth.  It tends not to be violent as well. There are something like 200,000 self identifying Loyalists with only something like 1500 having ever been involved in violence.

Again this is where they point to a minority and say the whole community is violent. Can you imagine a company labelling Jews or Muslims violent because of the conflict minorities from those backgrounds are involved in?



Belfast Bible College Masquerade’s Ball

One of the most pressing matters today is that of the State, NGOs and fake philanthropists influencing the churches.

Protestant Churches were the first Christian Churches to allow mainstream Universities to be the arbiter of Christian knowledge. Roman Catholics were quite rightly outraged that the power to award the cloth was put into the hands of people tied up in all sorts of other interests.

At different times the problems with this manifested in different ways, examples being ministers justifying slavery for example. Of late though the problem is that of the Church being Co-opted by the Campus left.

One insane example of this is Oxford University lifting it’s requirement for those receiving a Theology Doctorate to learn about Christianity. This is in stark contrast to the requirement of all British School children to learn about Islam.

One could be forgiven for thinking that our society is under attack from a force that aims to destroy it and replace it with something foreign. Replacing our good Christian learning with foreign and barbarous ideas.

According to the Telegraph the Christian teaching previously taught at Oxford can be skirted if one takes a class on “Feminist approaches to religion and Theology.” From analyzing the words and deeds of many Protestant Churchmen now one can presume that their heart lies with the latter rather than the former.

Belfast Bible College has got to be another great example. They have been holding some quite grotesque “Masquerade balls.” This is quite symbolic and I have no doubt that the left have injected  it in. Masquerade Masks are designed to hide lewd behaviour and speech.

“In Lent, if masquerades displease the town,
Call ’em Ridottos and they so down.”

What this refers to is the Ridotto in Venice where the Merchants (many of them Jewish) were granted a Government pass to Gamble and entertain whores. The Masquerades would stand facing the San Moisè Church and mock the parishioners attending Mass.


So the idea of this Ball being the passing out party for Belfast Bible College is quite significant and this is probably a wink to Common Purpose saying look guys we are on your team now what do you want us to do?

Effeminacy, cross dressing etc, this video from the Belfast Bible College has it all.

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The video:


Now the problem we have locally was highlighted in another article on this site.