Girls as young as 13 grilled at Dawah stalls in the UK

Groups of girls as young as thirteen are being grilled theologically by Muslims, who very often succeed to convert them. This particular rouse is kind of a threat, it’s telling these young Goris basically convert or you will be raped by the grooming gangs.

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This “grooming” is apparently not sexual as the girls are handed off to female Muslims who then prepare them for marriage later. All fully legal….

This is all with the explicit support of our cowardly peelers (who jail none but ours).


Afraid or unwilling? I couldn’t tell you why.


#Gamergate feminist emerges in Belfast

One of the #gamergate feminists Dr Keira Williams has turned up in Belfast as a lecturer. One of her recent lectures was on ‘Campus Rape Culture.’ A phenomenon that has already been proven fake and as having been stirred up by radical feminists.

Promoting the idea of ‘rape culture’ on campuses is a way to stifle male participation. It is just another play in the Marxist playbook.

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Where does all this stuff come from? Why are these feminists trying to drive men off campus? There is a presumption on the conservative right in Ireland that students are leading the charge with this stuff. In fact it is the lecturers.

In 2016 Williams published a book railing against the portrayal of women as evil in classic literature. So we basically can’t have evil female characters in books now.

Another of her books is called




Williams also appeared at a conference in Puerto Rico concerned with “Love, anti-racism and resistance.” I very much doubt she was doing a talk on how much she loves white Northern Irish males.

Many gamer gaters will remember Williams from her work on Wonder Woman that is sadly continuing.

A University of Texas student describes being recruited in 3rd wave feminism by Dr Williams.  BEWARE, send your kids to Queen’s they will come back radical, probably with a broken arm and a girlfriend with a half shaved head and lumberjack coat.




Northern Ireland: PTSD lunatics and their UN carers

Mental health and political control.

A report from the Ulster University’s Bamford Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing has said that an estimated 61% of the NI population have experienced troubles related trauma and that around 8.8% have gone on to be fully diagnosed with PTSD.

This report was a fact based scientific report, the problem has come in the response to the report. In response to the report a whole raft of politically motivated NGOs and frankly wings of the UN etc came in and began operating in schools to help ‘fix’ the problem.

The main one being The Children’s Commissioner from the UN. ‘Niccy’ or the Northern Ireland Commission for children and young people is an organisation that is UN funded, part of the globalist apparatus (lead beyond authority). Niccy doesn’t really obviously tell anyone it is from the UN, the impression one gets is that it is a UK government department or some sort of Stormont outfit.

Without going into it in too much detail it essentially uses it’s influence to grab up groups of late teens and community organise them. Grabbing insecure teenagers and using them for political ends is kind of low brow but that is what they do.

Below, Niccy organised a team for the gay pride parade in 2017.

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The kids just think that these are ordinary women that really care about them. We recognise them as radical feminists.

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They deliberately target off kilter teens and draw them into the groups, you can see how below. These kids will probably be the next generation of Common Purpose people in position.

Another element of this is that NICCY bullies schools, the NHS etc into complying to it’s deconstructive agenda by threatening bad reports.


We know that large organisations like the UN and Charities like Oxfam have made short work of kids with mental health problems. Screwcommunism promotes the idea of de-centralization and banning Common Purpose as a way to beat these networks.

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This is an update, the Ulster University, yeah the one that is getting the Rockefeller extension program is calling for “resilience classes” in schools because apparently we are all mentally ill.