Belfast Telegraph’s hit piece on Jolene Bunting and the #FreeTommy protest

The Belfast #FreeTommy protest  last Friday at City Hall, Belfast sent the left and #CommonPurpose supporters into a tizzy. It has taken them a whole week to conjour their response to it. Unsurprisingly the husk of it is accusations of “white supremacy” and of attendees being Neo-Nazis that were bused in from England.

Something that is important to note is that there was no coverage of the Protest anywhere other than a few lefty mouthpieces condemning it on Twitter.

The Belfast Telegraph article published six days after the protest.

The article starts out  with the usual CP/Media standards Trust bio of Tommy Robinson

“Hundreds of supporters showed up to the event on Saturday, which was held in reaction to the jailing of Mr Robinson, former EDL leader and convicted mortgage-fraudster, for contempt of court.”

Then the Author of the piece, a Mr Andrew E Madden, who has compared Brexiteers to “an overdramatic child with a good vocabulary shouting at you in the street” then hands the article over to Quotes from anonymous members of the public and the SDLP.


Donal Lyons from the SDLP said:

“Bringing a group of men, many of whom came over from England especially, to mill around outside Belfast City Hall throwing Nazi salutes, waving white supremacist flags and shouting about their racism, is as clear a signal as you could find,”

“The flying of a Generation Identity flag shows they are trying to organise,” he added.

“Thankfully their incoherent combination of conspiracy theories, football hooliganism and old fashioned white supremacy, is so morally repugnant they’ll find it hard to make headway in Belfast.

“The building they chose to gather outside was bombed by the Luftwaffe, close to a thousand Belfast citizens lost their lives during the Belfast Blitz and many more from Belfast died fighting to defeat fascism.

“I’ve no doubt the people of the Shankill will remember in elections to come, who fought the Nazis and who stood smugly beside them.”

Ok so the usual attempts at trying to label conservatives and those who do not want #CommonPurpose Commissars running our life as Neo-Nazis straight out of 1990s Hollywood.

We have to ask ourselves how long is this 90s stereotype from the USA going to be useful? It is cheap, ridiculous and an insult to journalism as a profession to use these labels but it is all they have got as their Common Purpose agenda becomes public knowledge.

The Belfast Telegraph omits to tackle, even in a biased matter any of the issues mentioned at the protest.

ANTIFA “forced off the streets” by #FreeTommy protest in Belfast

Low numbers of ANTIFA turned out for their protest against the #FreeTommy march. They had tried to rally the troops but across the City the Irish Prime Minister was meeting and greeting fellow homosexuals at an LGBT establishment. A lot of the potential ANTIFA marchers were tied up at that. LITERALLY!

foto_no_exif (84)

The ANTIFA in Belfast are used to being the Belle of the ball, but now in 2018 Belfast they have been outfoxed. The left have discarded them as uncouth, white Catholic men. The hipster glasses bounce up and down on the noses of Belfast socialites as they laugh at “SHARP” skins and their hetero-dominative norms. The center doesn’t understand how the 32 county socialist Ireland is going to be attained and the right, even in the South despises them because of all the doxing and aggro they dish out.

Time to leave the ANTIFA and think of something new.