Met Police riot squad attack female yellow vests In London

The Met Police has a crack team of specially trained officers that engage in political type attacks on the public. Below is a still from a group they attacked after pushing them from both sides into a tunnel.


The tactics they use are relatively simple, they show up in boilersuits with caps on and helmets swinging off their belts and surround a right wing protest, they usually just bump up against people, occasionally with the use of horses and then escalate into a full attack on the group that can then be charged with “attacking a member of the emergency services” and other such things.

The videos like the one I am about to post from this past weekend proves their tactics. This is nothing other than assault and false imprisonment.

Watch from 5 mins in. All the people arrested in this Police charge are facing prison time for serious violent crimes.


Write to your MP about this gang of Common Purpose hoodlums and their political agenda.

Advice on managing an attack by MET Riot squad

They are obviously very difficult to deal with. If you see them at one of your protests you can be sure they will try to get a few people. This is more or less so the Press can smear your demo with reports of violence and arrests.

Obviously trying to control the crowd so the initial provocative pushing doesn’t lead to people pushing back is important but hard to achieve. I think nowadays unlike maybe the late 2000s these guys are as bold as brass and don’t need you to push them.

The only sure fire way to avoid these guys is to be unpredictable, post fake demos, turn up places unannounced. These guys prepare and take a while to roll into motion, usually they will have to liaise with local Police to provide them with paddy wagons for their victims and so forth. Just keep moving, keep em guessing.

If you can get 5,000 like there has been at a few FLA marches there won’t be the boiler suit boys there it will be the grinning blonde PCSO. So that’s the only way to sure fire get the message across.